Howdy Folks!

Welcome to the very special "Sahara Outback Tour" site.
On that trip we met a lot of international people, thats the reason why this site is in english.
We have taken a lot of funny pictures and we will present only the best (worst) ones. We
want to say thank you again to Kylie, our Outback guide. She was so kind and explained
a lot of very interesting things to us. But enough with all that writing, enjoy the pictures.
By the way (thanks Thomas for that amazing sentence), dont forget to enter a short comment in our Guestbook.

On the way to "Ayers Rock"

1st Lunch

Explaination of "why are the rocks are there"
in front of the "Olgas"

Resting at the "Olgas"

B.B.Q. ala Mike...after some instructions ;-)

Dinner time....silence

Lets try some roasted marshmellos

Near to the Top of the Tops (Ayers Rock)

A group portrait :-0... they have all very ugly legs...

Learn to play Digji with Kylie...

...and it works, sometimes.

Sleeping in the wilderness, no fear.

Same, same.

Oh whats that? Oh, yes I see its a bush.

Cooling down in the "Kings Canyon Billabong" (Thomas, Jesper, Christoph)

Kings Canyon, a small Grand Canyon

After the long walk trough Kings Canyon, the most of us have to close their eyes...




Kathelin & Christoph


Carol & Bill

And last but not least:

the incredible Thomas and his feet....Ok, thats not one of the best pictures manipulations.

If somebody of you has some more nice pictures and thinks it were it
worth to show it here, please don't hesitate to send them to us.
Please as .JPG and not bigger than 5 MB per Mail. thx.